Getting to Freedom

We are all searching for freedom; the type of freedom that allows us to be exactly who we are without harm to others; the opportunity to freely be as different and uniquely beautiful as we are. We use the word freedom to express a need to exist without shame, judgement, condemnation and fear.  Many if not all of us simply want the pleasure of being able to function every day without being physically, emotionally or economically pummeled by other humans and the system we live within.

Is the search for freedom elusive?

I think it depends on what we are searching for. We learn at a young age not to trust ourselves or others.  Far beyond the conditioning we experience at the hands of our caregivers is the social conditioning we are all subjected to. We learn what to do and how to be so that we are included instead of excluded. Whatever method we need to engage in to accomplish this seems worth the cost – at least in the beginning.

For those of us who begin to wake up and regain our original consciousness we begin to buck against the system. We find ourselves no longer satisfied with whom we have become, what we have attained and the path we are on. We want more. We need more.

How do we get there?

It doesn’t matter who you are the journey starts within you. Sure you can begin from the outside evaluating the externalities that influence your decision making and ways of being but truthfully that can only lead you to one place – you. So why not start there?

I find that no matter what the issue is, if I can spend time reflecting on my own truth and the path that got me there I can find my way to freedom for that particular focus.  I use self-reflection to ask myself some questions:

  1. What is the real issue beneath the symptoms I am exhibiting? Most of us are addressing symptoms not the “sickness”. For instance, if my daughter is coughing then I can provide her with cough medicine but that only inhibits the cough it doesn’t address the reason behind the cough.
  2. Am I honestly willing to do something different to obtain a different and form a “much better” outcome than what I have experienced in the past? Often we want the change, we desire the freedom but we aren’t willing to do the work necessary for ourselves to get there.
  3. How do I sustain change so that I can experience true freedom? It’s common knowledge that it generally takes 21 days to create a new habit. What I have learned is that change is sustainable when I move slowly and deliberately. This allows me and anyone who might be impacted by my efforts to adjust and learn without the trauma of suddenly ripping a band aid off. Years ago I read, The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer. He says that “One Small Step Can Change Your Life” and I agree.

Feel  free to leave comments and remember, if your comments are rude, shaming or in any way demeaning you will be blocked. This is an intentionally safe space and it is my space.

Peace, Light and Freedom!

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