The Cost of Truth

I don’t know what my life will be like by the end of this narrative, nevertheless the truth as I see it, know it and experience it must be spoken and shared. The end result is not up to me; I’m not sure who or what decides the outcome; this is the core of my truth. I don’t know, and neither do you; yet to speak this truth, my truth is akin to raising and waving a red flag in front of an angry, unstable bull. 

There is a cost to truth. 

To be truthful is to actively work against social norms which prioritize politeness over authenticity. It takes courage to live beyond learned and reinforced boundaries, lines meant to keep us locked in step with the need to maintain the status quo. I have high, positive expectations for the present and future. Those expectations are predicated on the knowledge that no matter the cost I am driven from the inside with the desire for change.

I want something radically different.

My life is demanding something different. The world is calling me to something different. We live in a world which focuses on the symptoms of problems rather than searching for solutions to underlying issues. We want to solve the violence, isolation, pain and scarcity of the world without discussing our disconnection from each other and our historical and present reality.

It’s time to speak truth, live truth and embrace the cost of that truth as an intentional elevation of spirit, soul and body. It’s all connected and if we can understand, accept and act upon that truth we can wield the collective power necessary for the change we all deeply need.

One day at a time, each day sheds new light and each moment brings a new opportunity. I want something different so it’s time to  do something different. There is a cost to truth and I am grateful to be aware of that even if I am not fully informed of the outcome.

I want something radically different for all of us. 



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