We Have the Power to Heal

There is something unique about each of us. We know this and yet we desire to be someone else. Why? Because the images around us, the messages which target us, the narrative which define us are meant to project a feeling of unworthiness, less than and a lack of value. We strive for things which will die and pass away. We pursue an image that defies the laws of aging and we hunger for items never meant to quench our need.

We haven’t learned the value of who we are individually; and for those who have learned this important lesson they must still erect barriers to prevent the insidious messages of low self- worth to maintain their mindset and focus. There is healing and the power to problem solve within each of us. Our uniqueness is meant to be a specific beacon to those we are destined to draw, intersect and connect with.

But how can we get there if our uniqueness is “othered”, marginalized or oppressed? In the current climate, being “different” is more cause for concern than an opportunity to celebrate. Collectively we suffer because we fail to recognize the benefit of difference. When we are able to bridge the space between difference with understanding, acceptance and trust; we can provide ourselves, family, friends, our community and places of employment with the chance to learn, grow and heal without violence and separation.

We come into the world with everything we need to succeed. Yet, it doesn’t take much time to experience the degrading power of media-controlled messages. These messages are intent on building financial power at the collective cost of emotional and social dehumanization. Our children are now actively learning to filter their needs, wants and desires primarily through social media. We are experiencing the result of generations focused on developing the externalities of life. It is time to focus inside. Inside ourselves and our relationships with one another. This is the beginning of truth, the path to healing and the journey we must all engage in to bring collective respite from the horror of selfish, capitalist gain.

There is something unique about each of us. It is up to us to develop awareness, demand accountability and foster change. We have what we need, and the next generation is already learning within the full context of our ongoing failure as divided human beings. It is a sad legacy we are leaving our children, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can be different. We can do things differently. We can accomplish much more by learning, and healing together than we can apart. We have what we need, all that remains is for us to exercise the will within us to universally live, love and heal.

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