Silent No More.

In this country, men and male-identified persons have consistently dominated positions   of power across every sector of society. This power affords male-identified persons rights, access, and opportunities that other groups—such as women—must fight for. Why does existing as a woman or female-identified person automatically

relegate one to an inferior status? Where and how does the innate power, privilege, and right as a female-identified person survive, much less flourish, in a male-dominated society? The following statement provides a clue as to the role the law has played in the placement of women:

“That God designed the sexes to occupy different spheres of action, and that it belonged to men to make, apply, and execute the laws, was regarded as an almost axiomatic truth.”

Bradwell v. Illinois, 83 U.S. 130, 132 (1873). Read More

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