KJ’s CV/Resume

Career Profile

Executive level manager with over 16 years of experience in equity & inclusion, project & budget management, staff/personnel development, strategic leadership, program design, and consensus building. High performing executive with a proven track record of accomplishments in employing data to understand, create, transform and refine existing and new policies and initiatives.

Selected Accomplishments
• Authored newly adopted philosophy of approaching diversity and inclusion efforts from “Inside-Out” – focusing on staff, board and volunteer development first
• Created and initiated process to engage and recruit stakeholder organizations in multi-layered approach to mapping statewide diversity initiatives
• Developed and led stakeholder discussions identifying the need and structure of a statewide inclusion and equity think tank
• Authored “Biased Missteps: How to recover and Learn” and “Responding to Bias, Prejudice and Stereotypes pamphlets
• Developed solid reputation for public speaking, training and education for legal organizations, conferences, workshops and seminars
• Created the “Beyond the Dialogue” Inclusion and Equity discussion series focused on creating safe, open, authentic space for frank dialogue on issues of diversity, inclusion, equity and access
• Led vetting and consensus building process with board members, staff and volunteers resulting in the adoption and implementation of inaugural diversity and inclusion plan
• Established framework to diversify faculty for continuing legal education seminars
• Steered cross departmental team in creating a dictionary of shared terms and language to advance inclusion
• Created Equitable Decision Making Tool for use and implementation by board, staff and volunteers
• Developed annual Achieving Inclusion Seminar Series focused on raising awareness and providing best practices for working with marginalized populations
• Successfully led and supervised the growth and improvement of diversity and inclusion initiatives, programs and events based on data collected from the statewide demographic study and two follow up studies
• Increased program reach from local to statewide
• Directed all services, resources, and project plans for external facing diversity & inclusion efforts with the unique ability to drive transformational change
• Developed institutionalized process for the creation of new volunteer practice and affinity focused sections
• Created comprehensive standard operating procedures and work instructions for administrative support positions.
• Advocated for the inclusion of race and ethnicity as core elements in agency diversity efforts
• Recognized as only field director to successfully plan recruiting events that drew participants from across political party lines; attracted highest number of racially and ethnically diverse participants.
• Raised volunteer involvement from under-represented groups by 20% through grass-roots outreach efforts
• Developed new equity and public service grant for Minority Bar Associations serving remote geographical locations

Areas of Expertise

Executive Leadership
• Support the Board, Diversity Committee and Operations Management Team by providing strategic direction based on knowledge of operating business issues, competitive analysis and research data
• Provide direction, input and initial drafts of policy recommendations and best practices
• Demonstrate imagination, insight, and boldness to present information and opportunities that bring out the best in people to create a shared sense of purpose and cohesion
• Provide individual and group coaching on equity and social justice issues guiding institutional growth and operations
• Convey the “big picture” thinking strategically empowering staff and volunteers to produce beyond expected results
• Utilize diplomatic approaches to navigate high conflict conversations and decision making
• Review and provide input on executive level decisions using a lens of equity and inclusion
• Review and provide input on WSBA’s NWLawyer Magazine using a lens of equity and inclusion
• Lead the process for statewide demographic collection, analysis and dissemination

Speaking and Facilitation
• Deliver data driven presentations on diversity, inclusion, equity to students, legal, academic, business and non-profit professionals
• Conduct implicit bias, inclusion, equity and empowerment workshops for multifaceted and discreet groups
• Speak on local and statewide panels and seminars as a inclusion and equity specialist
• Present demographic study results at local and national conferences
• Facilitate small, medium and large group discussions with board, staff, volunteers and external groups
• Consistently receive excellent post survey ratings for speaking, teaching and facilitating workshops, trainings and seminars
• Represent WSBA as the lead workshop facilitator, trainer and speaker for external equity and inclusion consultations, events and education efforts

Program Growth and Development
• Plan, develop and implement strategic work plans for each initiative with an integrated external and internal stakeholder approach to achieve established objectives with a strong focus on developing and improving measurable outcomes
• Lead and develop community outreach goals and implementation
• Prospect, identify and recommend suitable high return programming in support of the strategic goals while maintaining the integrity and reputation of the organization as a whole
• Conduct analysis of business and program strategy, identifying the best policies for development and the avoidance of foreseeable difficulties with a focus on continuous progress
• Initiate appropriate actions to minimize risks and align performance goals with program targets

Budgeting/Financial Control
• Make strategic and operational planning decisions based on prudent financial analysis, using historical data and practical financial control tools together with industry and business knowledge
• Review expenditure and outline plans; manage expenditures and summarize justifications in terms of return on investment
• Generate detailed projections for costs, expenses, and inventory as part of the annual and bi-annual review budgeting process
• Monitor financial performance of multiple teams to ensure alignment with organization financial goals
• Develop, manage and track budgets from seventy-five thousand to two million dollars

Operational Management
• Manage and empower nine staff, including managers and front-line staff
• Contribute to operational decision making and strategic planning for organization wide policy review, management, and cross-coordination functions
• Research and advocate with senior level staff for continuous upgrade of technology, to meet operational needs
• Attract, develop and retain key staff and strategic partners and provide mentorship, ensuring that the company has the talent in place to meet its competency needs
• Work closely with the Director of Human Resources to develop inclusion and equity strategies for board and executive level education

Career Progression

Diversity Programs Manager, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) 2010 – 2019

Manage statewide membership demographic survey to include communication and presentation of resulting statistics, data and all aspects of managing and implementing the organizations statewide external diversity and inclusion initiatives. Provide consultation and direction on inclusion and equity issues to the WSBA Board of Governors, staff, volunteer groups (boards, committees, task forces, etc.), law firm executives and other organizations in the legal community.

Diversity and Public Service Programs Manager, Advancement Department (WSBA) 2016 – 2018
Provide integrated management for the diversity and public service portfolio. Identify and provide leadership to staff on program intersections and unified objectives. Represent the WSBA at the local, state and national level on current and emerging issues in the fields of diversity, inclusion, equity, public service and pro bono work.

Interim Associate Director, Advancement Department (WSBA) 2015 – 2016
Selection by Director of Human Resources and Executive Director to co-lead the Advancement Department during the projected six to nine-month department director search process. Responsible for overseeing all external diversity, inclusion and equity efforts, public service and pro bono programs, twenty-eight volunteer sections with over ten thousand members, mentorship initiatives, and new and young lawyer support.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Manager (WSBA) 2012 – 2015
Manage statewide membership demographic survey to include communication and presentation of resulting statistics, data and all aspects of managing and implementing the organizations statewide external diversity and inclusion initiatives. Provide consultation and direction on inclusion and equity issues to the WSBA Board of Governors, staff, volunteer groups (boards, committees, task forces, etc.), and other organizations in the legal community.

Senior Section Leader’s Liaison (WSBA Manager) 2010 -2012
Serve as Senior Sections Liaison working with the senior executive leadership of WSBAs twenty-seven sections on strategic planning and programming and budget management. Oversee section adherence to bylaws and amendments in coordination with WSBA general counsel. Supervise administrative staff in section service and support areas, including section communications, social media and networking initiatives, technology support, and event planning.

New Horizons, Seattle, WA 2007 – 2010
Associate Director / Program Director

Supervise seven program team members. Provide oversight of organization wide program development and implementation; volunteer recruitment, training, education and outreach, life-skills development, hospitality services, chaplain services, and mentorship.

The White House Project, Seattle, WA 2006-2007
Washington State Field Director

Spearhead and implement statewide efforts focused on the cultivation, training and sustainability of politically engaged participants. Partner with elected leaders, government officials, and organizational leaders to promote public awareness of politics and gender. Collaborate with other state field directors to create nationally focused strategic plan.

U.S. Army (Honorable Discharge) 1984-1991
Administrative Specialist
Provide supervision for seven team members focused on operations support, human resources, project management, and recordkeeping for 250+ service members.

Masters – Public Administration: Seattle University
Bachelors – Urban Studies: University of Washington

Community Involvement
Race, Equity and Justice Initiative Steering Committee Member
City of Seattle LGBT Commission Member
Washington Initiative for Diversity Board Member and President
University of Washington School of Law Diversity Committee Member
2017 Equal Justice Community Leadership Academy Faculty
YWCA Public Policy Committee Member (Past)
League of Women Voters, Tacoma Board Member (Past)
Sound Youth Counseling, Board Member and Chair (Past)

Improving Diversity in the Legal Profession – AASJ Trial Lawyers – September 2020 Silent No More – NWLawyer – WSBA April 2019
When “N#gg!r§”* Rise – NWSidebar 2017
Biased Missteps: How to Recover and Learn – WSBA 2016
Responding to Bias, Prejudice and Stereotypes. – WSBA 2016
Learning from Orlando – Transforming a Culture of Violence – NWSidebar 2016
Inside Inclusion – NWLawyer 2015
A Movement Towards a Better Country – NWSidebar 2014

Continuing Education
Workforce Diversity – 2019
Equal Justice Community Leadership Academy Graduate – 2015
Cultures Connecting – Train the Trainer – 2015
Board of Directors – Leading with an Equity and Social Justice Lens – 2105
Peacemaking Circle – Train the Trainer – 2015, 2016
Seattle Race and Justice Initiative – 2014
United Way of King County Project Lead Graduate – 2014
Gracious Space – 2014
People Institute for Survival and Beyond – Undoing Racism 2007/08
YWCA Racial Justice Training 2004

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