We conduct our work in partnership and collaboration with a community of consultants to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership development and access to justice. We love what we do, and we do it with passion! We look forward to working with you. Contact one of our partner consultants to expand your opportunities and insight!

Antasia Williams

Director, RisewithKJ, LLC

Antasia Williams is a human being who cares for the heart, mind, well-being, and self-determination of all. Antasia is an artist, facilitator, and teacher. Spiritual and mental exploration, discovery, and wisdom are her passions and favorite pastimes. Professionally, Antasia has 14 years experience working with Youth and Young Adults (YYA), as an executive level manager and direct service provider. Antasia’s most recent position was as the Deputy Director of The REACH Center, a one-stop shop service center  for YYA ages 16-24, located in Tacoma, Washington. She attended Western Washington University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, served as the Associated Students V.P. of Legislative affairs, and as a Washington State Governor appointed member of the Board of Trustees

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Dr. Michelle Majors

Principle and Lead Strategist at Majors Leadership Group

Majors Leadership Group is a national consulting firm dedicated to supporting social justice organizations in solving their office culture, internal structure and equity challenges and exploring new models for success.

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Tara Ramos

Owner, Red Fox Consultancy

Tara started working in equity training and equity advocacy before she as 15 years old. Her commitment to making things better for Indigenous people and other POC that she spent time in college building her facilitation, training, and equity skills in college and beyond. Tara has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Native American Studies from the University of Montana and an MBA in Healthcare Management. She has a reputation for her tenacious advocacy on behalf of all youth, particularly Indigenous youth, for over 15 years in education, the child welfare system, and in juvenile justice system across the state. Tara’s identity as an Indigenous woman (Inupiaq Eskimo) is deeply rooted in her knowledge of family and community. Her passion and fight for equity is informed by her and her partner’s experience raising three Indigenous children in systems that were not made for them. Laughter, pow wows, horseback riding, and softball are just a few of the ways Tara and her family enjoy life.

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Laurie Carlsson


Laurie’s work leverages anti-oppression curricula best practices, bringing participants together through engaging activities and facilitated discussions. She’s led sessions for international corporations, the University of Washington, the Pride Foundation, JustLead Washington, and The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. Laurie has served as Diversity Policy Coordinator for the UW’s Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, and led diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies for the University of Washington School of Law. Her work helps organizations ensure that their vision, mission, and core values are woven into their daily operations, hiring practices, and workplace culture.

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Aline Carton-Listfjeld, JD

Principal & Owner, Aline Carton-Listfjeld Coaching & Consulting

Change is hard. Whether initiating or navigating it as individuals or as organizations—even positive change—can be daunting.

Aline is a strategist, trainer and facilitator who unleashes potential and inspires results for people and organizations. Rooted in her 20 years of community organizing, public interest law, leadership and management, Aline assists people and organizations navigate change and transformation through:

· Career & Leadership Coaching

· Systems Thinking & Real-World Strategic Planning

· Advancing Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

· Transforming Conflict with Restorative Practices

· Aligning mission and values with organizational practices

· Human Resources Consulting

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