Philosophy and Values

The R.I.S.E. approach is built on the philosophy of working from within first. We believe that authentic, sustainable transformation begins when we as individuals and institutions take the time necessary to develop our own awareness of self.

What We Believe

We hold a fundamental belief that tranformational, sustainable change is possible when we begin with examining ourselves.

We believe that change is rooted in the congruency gained, when our stated values are clearly reflected in our daily actions.

We believe that our ability to positively impact and facilitate transformation at the institutional and systemic levels, is directly connected to our individual work.

We believe that our willingness and ability to engage in equitable decision making practices is the result of understanding how our personal beliefs, biases, strengths and challenges intersect and manifest within our lives.

What We Value

Authenticity – An honest and forthright approach while understanding that living an authentic life is a journey.

Commitment – A stated and lived dedication to equity, justice, inclusion and diversity.

Openness –  A space and method which supports the honest expression of individual and institutional truth without judgment while preserving dignity for all.

Respect –  Admiration and support for ourselves and our clients engaged in this work; it is often challenging and uncomfortable.