Rise With Us!

I write to live, I write to breathe, I write to remind myself that my existence in the world is valuable. I write to give voice to the truth I see, live and experience. I write to break and stay free. I write to lift my soul and spirit up high above the pain, trauma and injustice of the world. I write so that I can continue to give and receive love. I write to release pain and invite joy. I write to rise. – KJ Williams 6.1.20

10 Things to Ponder During COVID-19

It’s important for us to be aware of everything impacting us during this unprecedented time. We have the opportunity to reconsider our lives, renew ourselves and realign our personal and professional goals. Listen here for helpful strategies…

We Don’t Have to Stay in the Dark

Bias is an implicit element of the human condition whether we know it or not. But when it comes to discussing our own deep-seated notions about race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, how do we put ego on the line and start to break down those barriers?

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