We Don’t Have to Stay in the Dark

Bias is an implicit element of the human condition whether we know it or not. But when it comes to discussing our own deep-seated notions about race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, how do we put ego on the line and start to break down those barriers?

On this episode of DISCOVERY, K.J. Williams discusses why this topic is particularly important to unpack in the context of the legal field, and she offers insights for interrupting microaggressions in service of a more equitable and inclusive legal community.

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When “N#gg!r§”* Rise

 *Warning: This word — the actual word — is a prominent part of the article below. It has been somewhat sanitized in the title because, I understand, it’s a word that can shock, cause discomfort, and shut down readers before they even get to the substance — but please understand, as a person of color, as an African American and as a gay black woman, I encounter this word and its accompanying degradation every day; hopefully that truth is even more shocking and uncomfortable. This post was originally published by the Washington State Bar Association’s NWSideBar in December 2017. 

Equity, inclusion, and justice within the legal profession are under attack and it’s time to fight back. The legal profession is not the place for racist individuals, biased laws, and hateful rhetoric, yet they continue to find space to flourish. Read more…

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