Executive Coaching


Executive and Personal Coaching is one of the most important investments you can make in your life.

We enjoy coaching individuals and small groups of 5 or less. Our intent is to assist you in meeting both your personal and professional goals. Together we will create a plan designed specifically for you.

Our approach is simple. We are committed to actively hearing, seeing and understanding what your needs and goals are. We are invested in assisting you on a journey you direct. We cannot promise overnight transformation but we can guarantee measurable growth based on the time and energy you devote to the plan we develop in partnership.

We use a blend of assessments, surveys and interviewing to help in developing your coaching plan. If you are interested in learning more about the types of coaching plans we offer, please contact us at risewithkj@gmail.com.

Are We A Good Match?

I am sure we can work                                           We will not be a great

well together                                                              fit…

If you.. If you
Are willing to engage in self reflection


Are open and willing to accept direct feedback


Are open to examining your personal biases


Take responsibility for your actions and words

Are unwilling to examine your own thoughts, beliefs and actions first


Blame others for your mistakes


You have mental health issues (ie severe depression) and are not actively being treated by a mental health professional

Feel stuck or stagnate in life Require someone with a “woo” style – That won’t be me.
Are frustrated with your career You’re seeking to work only on the “professional” issues – I believe the personal and professional are intersected.


Feel confused on how to reach your potential You find it difficult to receive direct feedback
Struggle with establishing work-life balance You “disappear” in response to hearing “hard things”
Feel overwhelmed trying to determine what you really want and need You believe women and people of color are innately subordinate to the white dominant majority